A multimedia dance portrait of the way we live…now

Feb 28 + March 2 and
(fri) March 21 @8pm + (sun) March 23@6pm
The Dance Complex
(536 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, Cambridge, MA)
ticketsWe welcome to the cast new company members Arthur Moore, Caroline Carbo, Gina Masciarelli, Mary Teuscher, MaryRose Blandino, Kat Nasti, Andrea Denise Rios, and Romina Delosantos.  They are joining Lonnie Stanton and Yuka Takahashi.


I AM HERE NOW is a multimedia and movement portrait of the way we live … now. Through series of distraction in our daily lives our focus is taken from one stimulus to another until the silence and darkness is no longer there (or very uncomfortable). I AM HERE NOW uses video projection to aid in the performances’ imagery.

Emerging from the womb, our bodies provide us with less than a blank slate of experiencing life.  We are born with an ‘essence’.  Throughout life we layer, piece by piece and build who surrounds us, how we interact, and what brings us joy and pain.  During this overly complicated current time period of computers, social media, electronic communication and tethering to devices, our attention spans decrease and are constantly overwhelmed by immediacy.  I AM HERE NOW takes it up a notch and invites you as an audience member to be surrounded (literally) by the performance.  Layering your experience by using a black scrim placed in front of the ‘performance area’ and projecting live capture video streams, still images, and textures in a visual and visceral rich environment.  The performance surrounds you as you experience this journey into the breaking point of tolerance.  Merging the two themes of ‘being human’ and ‘being human in this time’, I AM HERE NOW is a self-contained reflection and experience not to be missed.

On Opus Affair’s nomination page Zoe fans share their thoughts:

Boston needs more dance and we especially need more dedicated, innovative, talented dance companies like Zoe Dance. – Melsbells

Zoe dance is producing intelligent and visually stunning work with beautiful use of interesting projection – KBN

Interesting and thoughtful work with an eye towards the future of dance. This sort of thinking should become a staple of the Boston art scene. – MFB

Zoe Dance under the artistic direction of Callie Chapman should be on everyone’s list of events in the dance scene here in Massachusetts. The work has meaningful content, intelligent delivery and is visually beautiful. – DA TDN

Amazing talented dancers and producer! Made me think of all of noise but all of connections… – DastardlyDan

A powerful and emotional performance delivering a unique perspective on life – Demitra

Exciting News!  Join Us to Compete for the Punch Bowl Fund

forumAlso, Zoe Dance has been selected as one of three companies to be in the running for Opus Affair’s Punch Bowl Fund.
Join us a day after the show (Monday 3/24) at Forum (755 Boylston St., Boston) at 6pm sharp to buy a $5 cup of puch (as well as a ballot to vote for Zoe Dance). Whenever the puch is all bought the ballots are counted and whichever organization has the most votes wins the money collected from the punch. It’s a fun time and if you want to shmooze with the dancers they will be there.
So hop on over to RSVP (or just show up).
Checkout some rehearsal footage:

600x300Dancing in Our Favorite Places
We had fun over the summer and early fall dancing in our favorite places; in front of our favorite dancing spaces and in parks.  We are looking forward to the next engagement, so keep on the lookout!


Recent Performance:

postcard6x6Thank you all who came out!

Zoe Dance (in it’s 10th season) presented “Past is Prelude” at the Dance Complex (536 Mass Ave., Central Sq., Cambridge)

March 1 (8pm), 2 (7pm + 9pm) + 3 (6pm + 8pm).

Using video projection, recorded video, live video feed and a black voile scrim, Past is Prelude explores the many facets of memory and it’s role on the individual, society and within human history. All of this played out within 50 minutes to allow for a “night out” experience for the audience (i.e. dinner, dancing, etc.). Dancers: Yuka Takahashi, Ivan Korn, Naoko Brown, Lonnie Stanton and Joe Gonzalez. Lighting – Stephen Petrilli, Choreography/Video Design – Callie Chapman

Read the preview in the Phoenix!

 Rehearsal Videos of Past is Prelude

More to watch from Zoe Dance

Esperanza por el Aqua (work in progress dance for video)
“LEFT” performance at Oberon – January, 2012
Works in Progress